Able2fly Brochure FC-page-001The need for a complete PRM management solution has become increasingly crucial, as global PRM numbers continue to increase at double digit annual growth. And this is set to continue:

  • The EU estimates that around 25% of the population have a mobility restriction, yet only 1% of airline passengers are classified as a PRM – this gap can only reduce
  • Demographics – a global ageing population who expect to be able to travel, and have the funds to do so
  • Attitudes – individuals with mobility restrictions now have the same travel aspirations and the industry must adapt to meet these
  • Legislation – already exists in many regions and regions without adequate PRM regulations are under increasing pressure to revise their procedures

With all these pressures, many airports have seen PRM volumes double in the last 8 years and they are likely to double again by 2020.

There comes a point when manual copying of PAL/CAL notifications and recordings of service delivery times just won’t cope. Such systems are labour intensive, expensive, and can lead to crucial error – leaving your airport at serious risk to lapses in PRM assistance, regulatory investigation/fines and unwanted media attention.

Able2fly have developed a solution that tackles many of the issues associated with PRM delivery and reporting. Our solution offers:

  • Improve accuracy of information, giving PRM’s the confidence that assistance will be available to meet their needs
  • Delivery alerts, allowing management to quickly respond to issues, before they become problems
  • Accurate reliable data and analytics
  • Involvement between airports, airlines and passengers to facilitate continuous improvement
  • State of art information technology, which records the passengers entire journey and their satisfaction levels

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Able2fly’s analysics enables you, at the touch of a button to:

    • Investigate and quickly respond to complaints and delays
    • Identify airlines, destinations and flight types which are driving increases in demand
    • Identify the source of the pre-notification problems

With this accurate data you can focus on solving the problems not arguing over the numbers or who to blame.


Our modular approach offers three levels of PRM management, enabling you to choose the right package for your airport’s needs – today and in the future.

Within the space of a few days, your airport could have its PAL/CAL notifications processed and verified automatically by our systems – drastically improving data accuracy. The complete PRM management solution has been designed to be used as a standalone tool, but can be directly integrated into your airports systems. It has been designed to work with IATA standard messaging and we work with your PRM service providers before problems arise.