As we all start to think about restarting passenger flights, the industry needs to pay special attention
to Disabled passengers/PRM’s who, due to other underlying conditions may fall into the “vulnerable”
The recent roadmaps issued by IATA and ECDC/EASA for restarting passenger flights set out general
principles applicable to most passengers but perhaps more is needed to protect PRM’s and the staff
who assist them.
With this in mind, Able2fly have added a “PRM Track and Trace” facility to their PRM Management

In the event of a positive test result for a member of the PRM staff, reports on the activities of the
staff member since their last negative test can show:
a) The equipment they have used (transport, wheelchairs, mobiles devices)
b) Which members of staff have used that same equipment during the affected period
c) Passengers the staff member came into contact with and on which flights

In the event of a report that a PRM passenger has been tested positive, reports extracted from the
system can show:
a) All staff who were involved in assisting the affected passenger during their travels
b) Any equipment the passenger came into contact with such as wheelchairs, transport etc.
c) Other passengers who came into contact with the same equipment at the time of travel

A process that could take hours with manual/spreadsheet records can now be done in seconds
enabling prompt tracking and tracing to be carried out and help prevent the unnecessary spread of
the virus.

Get in touch via if you would like to have the peace of mind offered by “PRM Track
& Trace”

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